Copper Art Museum

The Arizona Copper Art Museum tells a genuine story, one that marries Arizona’s greatest treasure with world legends and fantastic art by returning copper home to where it all began.

The Story of Copper
Starting in towns like Clarkdale, the copper leaves the area and then blossoms into an amazing story of the worlds’ most beautiful metal. It is told through a wonderful idea of combining history and stunning artifacts into truly enjoyable exhibits.

The Copper State
Join us and see a proper tribute to the Centennial of Arizona, and find out why Arizona is nicknamed the Copper State.

What’s Here
A massive and incomparable collection of over 5000 works of copper art and architecture of Western European and Northern American emphasis, spanning from 3500 B.C. to present day.

Amazing Galleries
Easily equivalent to most large city museum collections although purposely located in Clarkdale to connect with Arizona’s copper foundation.

Tuzigoot National Monument

Tuzigoot is also located in Clarkdale and can be found on the road to old town Cottonwood. From the Sinagua culture who built this pueblo centuries ago, to the out of work miners who helped excavate in the 1930’s, to the folks who still hold the site sacred today, Tuzigoot is about people.

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old tuzigoot pottery from 1900's
Tuzigoot Pottery from a photo dated 1934

Plan your Visit and make the most of your Time!

Tuzigoot National Monument, which includes Tavasci Marsh, is a fee area. Unless you have or qualify for any national park passes, the standard entrance fee is $10 per adult ages 16 and up. Everyone must check in at the visitor center before exploring the park. standard hours of operation are 8:00 am to 4:45 pm.

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve the Park is closed at 1:45 pm. We are CLOSED December 25th and January 1st.

Your receipt from Tuzigoot National Monument also gets you entrance into Montezuma Castle National Monument for 7 days.

A self-guided, 1/3 mile loop trail leads you around and through the Tuzigoot pueblo, a 110-room village built around a thousand years ago. The pueblo trail also offers outstanding views of the Verde River and Tavasci Marsh. Another 1/2 mile trail (1 mile round trip), takes you to an overlook of Tavasci Marsh. Both of these trails are accessible to wheelchairs and strollers, though the pueblo trail has some steep sections that may be challenging. Check out a full list of things to do at Tuzigoot National Monument.

Dogs, on leashes not longer than 6 feet, are welcome on the park’s trails. Pet owners must clean up after their animals.

old tuzigoot pottery
Old Pottery

Verde Canyon Railroad

The Verde Canyon Railroad is also located in Clarkdale, not far from the Clarkdale Lodge! From the VCR website:

From the moment you step foot on one of our meticulously refurbished train cars you and your family will feel like you’ve been transported to a simpler, more leisurely time before all the distractions and annoyances of our modern world. Breathe deep, order a drink and relax as you glide along on a 4-hour, 20-mile journey through 100 years of history while still enjoying modern creature comforts like climate control, comfortable seating and thoughtful decor.

300 North Broadway
Clarkdale, AZ 86324

Phone & Email:

For all reservation or scheduling inquiries, we ask that you call or email us at: 800-582-7245
or email

Group Reservations: 877-674-3835

Gift Shop: 928-325-0533

Arizona Botanical Gardens

They have been selling cactus for more than 20 years, whether it’s native outdoor cactus or cactus for inside the home. It is the only cactus store like it in Northern Arizona!

Physical Address:
1011 Wildhorse Ln.
Clarkdale, AZ 86326

Normal business hours:
9-5 Daily
We are closed
Christmas Eve and
Christmas day
New Year’s Eve and
New Year’s Day


Mailing Address:
POB 160
Clarkdale, AZ 86324

Planters & Interesting Desert Plants Await!